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1-HOUR, DISTANCE EXORCISM SESSION with OLIVIA OLKOWSKI. For those who have had ill happenings in their life. Someone feeling drained and lost, you may have sticky energies/entities attached to you. During the arranged session time, you will need to be stationery, not driving or traveling. Working with her Spirit Guides and Masters, along with her diverse modalities, she creates space/time for the healing to manifest. 

I will need the person's full birth name, and location where they are currently at in order to do this work.

Olivia Olkowski is trained in many indigenous healing modalities and is a Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa holder (Shaman), and is a lineage holder of many Mayan teachings (Curandra). Her compassion enables her to aide clients in their journey to self-healing and realization. Many clients have healed from their ailments, emotional and physical traumas, and have found peace during their transition to their higher vibrational state.

PLEASE NOTE: NO GIFT CERTIFICATE IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS WORK. I NEED DIRECT PERMISSION FROM A PERSON TO DO THIS WORK ON A SOUL. Only a mother for a child under the age of 7, can give permission for another soul.

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