ASCENSION KIT© by Oh! Olivia

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ASCENSION KIT©  by Oh! Olivia

Allows self-mastery, opens your intuitive channel wider, allows integration of new energies entering our earth.

Plan to Relax when you are working with these magical stones. Their very high energy/frequency, puts your brain into an automatic relaxed state to open your channel wider to the Universe. Allows you to “train your brain” to hear the higher frequency messages entering our earth plane from the far beyond.

SCOLECITE: 3rd-eye/Crown. Soft soothing energy to integrate the higher frequencies, dimensions into your being. Awakens the heart, stabilizes brain function and serotonin levels. Aids emotional stability, brings tranquility, allows interdimensional time travel, link to higher realms.
NUUMITE: 3rd-Eye, Solar Plexus, Root Chakras. Personal magic, inner journeys, attuning to elemental forces, self-mastery. Helps calm, balance nervous system, encourages self-acceptance, recognition of inner strength, finding one’s inner peace.

TO USE— MEDITATE: Holding stones in hands, LEFT hand SCOLECITE, RIGHT hand NUUMITE.
ON BODY LAYOUT: Place SCOLECITE on left side of head, along third-eye axis, NUUMITE on right side of head aligned with SCOLECITE.
NIGHT TIME: Place both in a pouch, and place under your pillow at night.



Included in this kit are:

- 1 nuumite X large 

- 1 scolecite X large

-  information about crystals/stones in kit


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