Angelic Love Mini Altar Kit 2

Angelic Love Mini Altar Kit 2
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Angelic Love Mini-Altar 2

Rose Quartz Angel -
Rose Quartz is a stone of love. Whether it be to attract a new mate or to foster self-love to be open to attracting a new mate, rose quartz has the softness and sweet energy of unconditional love. Creates a gentle soft nature, love energy supporting you. Encourages proper self-love, a strong heart, romance and ability to love. Relieves worry, stimulates blood circulation in tissues, aids heart function, sexual organs, helps with sexual problems and encourages fertility. Pearl helps balance the feminine energy and also the emotional body.

Rhodochrosite -  
Rhodochrosite is one of my favorite stones. It is one of the best heart healing stones, stimulates warm feeling of love, allowing healing for the emotional and physical bodies. Brings you a feeling of joy, positive attitude towards life. Stimulates circulation and blood pressure, kidneys and reproductive organs, helps migraines. One of the stones that help cancer patients heal. Healer of deep grief and sorrow, and abuse issues. Help heal the physical heart, opens heart and solar plexus chakras.

Red Spinel on Marble - (All chakras)
Connected with energy renewal and revitalization. A stone of hope, provides a source of encouragement when dealing with challenges.  Helps to eliminate negative thinking and fosters the spirit of gratitude. Spinel helps one release worry and resistance as it calms the nervous system. Spinel vibrates with the energy of beauty and inspiration and serves as a catalyst for new ideas and ways of thinking with a greater appreciation for the beauty found in life. Life is good and such a gift. 

Spinel is known as "the stone of immortality," bringing freshness to all endeavors and rejuvenation.  Opens the chakras and facilitates movement of the kundalini energy up the spine. Spinel enhances positive personality traits and confidence, aids achievement and the acceptance of success with humility. 

Red Spinel, often called “Ruby Spinel” because of its beautiful blood red coloring. Stimulates physical vitality and strength, activates the kundalini energy, opens and aligns the base chakra. Red Spinel helps one move through fear and moments of panic and anxiety. Excellent support for those recovering from trauma or illness as it reduces fatigue and replenishes depleted energy levels. Assists the body with detoxification and encourages elimination on both physical and energetic levels.

Hyypersthene -  
“stone of rest”,  relaxes and restores us, deep energies that surround our aura and being, provides a robe of invisibility and protection. Healthy expression of our emotions, combats irritability and critical-ness. Helps us heal and re-energize after major illnesses, reduces stomach acid, lessens pain and tension, especially in limbs and shoulders, reduces fevers, spasms, farsightedness, Achilles tendon pain and regulate an over or under active pituitary gland, breaks up growths, aids sleep disorders, encourages deep sleep states for longer periods of time so that the mind and body can restore itself.

Supports self-esteem, self respect ,overcomes shyness, benefits critical, irritable behavior, makes us more comfortable and at ease in social situations, eliminates excess pride, encourages us to stand up for what we believe is right. Enhances clairaudience,  speeds up info we get from the spiritual realms. Brings info and answers, increases personal relationships, maintains business relationships,  helps us stand up for what is morally right. Encourages and induces deep relaxed meditation states. If consciously directed, it opens doors to desirable and boundless opportunities

Approximately Overall: 3" x 2"

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