BOUNDARIES & BUBBLES, Protection & Cleansing, July18, 2020

BOUNDARIES & BUBBLES, Protection & Cleansing, July18, 2020
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boundaries & bubbles
Protection & Cleansing
with Olivia Olkowski

July 18, 2020 • 10am-5pm

Energy Exchange: $220/$190 Early Registration by July 5th
OUTDOORS in NYC park, location given to registrants.

This workshop is for anyone who works with the public. Many healthcare workers, acupuncturists, therapists, sales people, healers receptionists, bankers—all meet and work with people every day, and can pick-up energies, emotions, entities from being in someone else’s energy bubble.

Other healing practitioners have approached me to learn more about keeping healthy boundaries, protection and cleansing.

In this workshop series, you will learn how to—

• Do deep cleansings

• Build up your energy bubble so things will not get into yours

• Learn ways to protect oneself

• Sense when stuff is your's or another's

• Learn ways of dowsing 

Limited space available for 20 people.  Sign-up early!

Rain dates: July 19

Social distancing measures will be in place for outdoors. 
We will be sitting at 6' distance. Do wear a face covering/mask (will need it for the bathroom breaks), bring a yoga mat/blanket/pillow/backpack, hand sanitizer, personal wet wipes. 

Please DO NOT ATTEND if you are feeling-off or have COVID-19 symptoms (Please give a heads-up so I can refund you, and invite another guest to attend our small group).

For yourself-
Bring a full water bottle for the hot day, an empty bottle, hat, layers of clothes for the days temperature (sunscreen or/and umbrella), your own lunch and snacks for self (no sharing of food this time).

Price $220.00
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