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Earthkeepers Medicine Grids with Olivia Olkowski Oct 22 • 10am-5pm $150/Early Reg $110 by Oct 1 - Learn about crystals energy to heal and how to harness their power - Create grids of light for healing - Learn ways to send or block energy - Creating grids of repair, grounding - Open additional chakras in your energy field We will be working on the other planes of existence through crystals, through the matrix of the web through the Universe. Just like sound healing of the sacred medicine drum penetrates your body, your body absorbs healing energy without logic. Crystals have immense potential to carry energy, thought forms, and healing energy. The sacred geometry of their growth millions of years ago, have keys to certain energies that can support us in our chrystaline structure of our own DNA. All of our computers and cell phones have silicon chips for their programming, Dr Emoto's study of water in crystallized form, shows how frequencies and thought patterns carry energy and healing frequencies and change, just like our own bodies made of water can change too. Our rock friends too have ancient inherent wisdom to hold space for us as we set intentions to heal. The full day workshop is hands-on, do plan to write notes, draw pictures of layout for this teaching is oral tradition and no notes will be handed out. Olivia expands her energy field t, into the Mayan dimensions to imbed you with the ancient knowledge she carries from her teaching is this lifetime, and of past lifetimes working with the ancients of the earth. You are invited to bring your rock/crystal friends, including skulls, wads, staffs, jewelry/amulets. CONTACT Olivia to see if this training if for you:
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