Earth Healing Arts-Professional Dowsing Training, Sept 23/24

Earth Healing Arts-Professional Dowsing Training, Sept 23/24
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Earth Healing Arts-
Professional Dowsing Training
with Olivia Olkowski

Sept 23 and 24 • 11am-4pm
Outdoors in Nature
Investment: $690/$560 Early Reg’n Discount by Sept 1
Limited enrollment available.
Join shamanic healer and teacher, Olivia Olkowski (BTB Masters Training Professional Consultant), to learn and explore ways of dowsing and clearing land and home energies.
Her journey into the alternative earth healing arts started nearly twenty years ago, and since then has ventured into the many shamanic traditions (Peruvian, Mayan, Tibetan, Maori, Chinese, Japanese) to understand the unseen world surrounding us. 
Being an empath, much of her work has been about maintaining balance and keeping clear doing this sometimes, dangerous work. With Olivia’s personal practice of feng shui, space clearing and shamanic healing sessions, she has become known as the "go-to shamanic healer" to remove entities and attachments from people and spaces, even her fellow shamanic healers send her their clients with entities.
In addition, Olivia has also studied with Australian dowser, Eric Dowsett, and will bring his teachings and perspective into the shamanic realms. She will be sharing her expertise for clearing a space, to keep you safe in your space clearing consultations, how to maximize your clearings of the earth, and to bring harmony to a home or land.
Learn about and how to detect:
- Naturally occurring grids of the earth that effect us
- tap into earth energies from other dimensions
- understand the other realms around us
- how to work with a pendulum
- map dowsing training
- use of "L" rod to find energies
- sound healing ways to clear a space
- learn how to easily clear energies 
- understand about taking on energies and how to cleanse yourself
- learn about protection
- find underground rivers
- obtain an extensive "laundry list" of things to search for in a property
and much more
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