"HOW TUES" An In-Depth Traditional Shamanic Series WEEK 1

"HOW TUES" An In-Depth Traditional Shamanic Series WEEK 1
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An In-Depth Series of Traditional Shamanic Teaching & Training

Tuesdays, July 17, 31, Aug 14  • 6:30-10pm
Pre-pay $55 a la carte, $120 series.
(see other listings to pay for other a la carte days offered $55, and workshop series $120)

NYC location provided to paid participants.

Each evening intensive, you will learn hands-on techniques and teachings of a blend of traditional Peruvian, Mayan, Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese shamanic practices. My classes here are interactive and hands-on, you will be both a healer and a healee.

This listing is for:
WEEK 1, JULY 17  Deep in the Belly   
Learn ways to to remove dense energies from the belly, the place where many of our emotions reside.
Payment for WEEK 1 of series $55

OTHER WORKSHOPS IN THE SERIES, see other listings to make payment:

WEEK 2, July 31  Shamanic Soundwave Healing
With sound, voice, movement and journeys into the soundwaves, experience healing through the dimensions in which shamans play within.

WEEK 3, Aug 14  Quieting the Soul
Building consciousness of our entire being, we seek aspects of our existence from other dimensions. Come play and explore some of the Mayan dimensions to seek our truth of our souls path from the past and into the future.


At the Door: $65 please prepay to save!. RSVP Olivia: olivia.olkowski@gmail.com

To read about Olivia and other workshop information:


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