Hidden Chambers of Love

Hidden Chambers of Love
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Hidden Chambers of Love
with Olivia Olkowski
A shamanic exploration of healing our deep wounds of the heart

Sun, Feb. 22 • 10am-5pm
Cost: $190/ Early Reg’n $150 by Feb 15
Location: Balance Arts Center 34 West 28 Street, 3 floor, NYC
All healing comes from the heart whether you are a healer or client. In this intensive workshop, we will find hidden chambers within ourselves that are holding onto energies and subconsciously protecting us, emitting signals to others preventing us from loving fully.

In life, we may suffer many “wounds of the heart”, “dents and dings”, along the way. Over time, we can subconsciously believe that we are “seconds”, and don’t deserve love any longer.

Thought patterns and belief issues may set into our energetic systems. Many of us also carry baggage from past-lifetimes, which can appear as karma in this lifetime. We will unlock patterns and energies trapped in your energetic fields, from this lifetime or past ones.

It you have in your family high/low blood pressure, heart conditions, hypertension, C section birth, deep grief, loss and sorrow, traumas– this workshop will aid you in repairing issues which may cause these chronic disease-states.

• Expect to release old baggage from past relationships
• Heal aspects of your relationship with your mother and father
• Bring balance of the divine feminine/ masculine within yourself
• Deepen your connection to loving yourself more
• Learn to open your energy fields, so a loving mate can enter your life, or change the current relationship you are in, to becoming more passionate, intimate and communicate from the heart
• DNA repair of patterns handed down about: Self-worth, belief systems, etc.
• Break vows and belief systems you have made that do not serve you
• Soul-Retrieval for wounded heart from past-lives, holding us back
Bring a notepad, pen, water bottle and empty glass jar/bottle, extra blanket or throw, wear comfortable clothes.

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