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I have created crystal energy grid kits for manifesting LOVE, to bring in energy, take out energy. A great gift for someone who needs balance to clear the heart from old wounds, or be able to open up for new love and ignite romance.

Use grid set-up for bringing in LOVE frequencies and then to send out a signal to the Universe. A stick of Palo Santo is also included in the kit with instructions on how to set-up, bring in, or keep out energies, how to clear stones, and crystal healing information information.

Place layout of LOVE KIT in your bedroom to keep energies working on you as you sleep. When we sleep our spirit leaves our body and travels in other realities. This grid will keep your physical body in the love frequency as you travel the realms and connect with your mate in the other realities, growing your energy to . Can also be placed on your work station if working at home. Perfect for a healing room to broaden the frequency of LOVE, where all healing comes through the heart chakra.

Also offering PROTECTION, INTUITION and SUCCESS kits, see other listings.

Included in this kit are:

- 4 Clear Quartz Crystal Points

- 1 large AAA Rose Quartz, tumbled

- 1 Rhodochrosite, tumbled

- 1 large natural Red Garnet specimen

- 1 Palo Santo stick

- information about crystals/stones in kit

- instructions for layout of grids

- instructrions for "How to Clear Stones" and "How to use Palo Santo"


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