MAN-O-FEST© Weaving Love back into Your Life, Sun Feb 12, 2017

MAN-O-FEST© Weaving Love back into Your Life, Sun Feb 12, 2017
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Olivia Olkowski/Spirit Rock Shamanic Healing,

MAN-O-FEST, Weaving love back into your life.

A full day interactive workshop Saturday,

Sunday, Feb 12, 2017 • 11:00am-5:00pm, plus 5-7pm off-site experience.
Energy Exchange: $110/Early Reg $88 by Feb 1.  (Reg Closes 2.9.17. to organize supplies)

LOCATION: Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28th Street, 3 floor (Note: walk-up on weekends, no elevator)

Please join Olivia Olkowski to explore your sensual being, clear away "dead weight" of old relationships, and open up to a new vibrational state of, bliss, joy, and self-love— allowing a new mate to MAN-O-FEST. Join us in sacred circle, to remove blockages, fears, stagnant energy from your light bodies surrounding our sexual and heart centers, and reclaim your rightful power of the sensuality we were born to possess.

During this indepth shamanic day of exploring esoteric and alternative teachings, we will:

• Remove dense energies from our being.

• Clear/open our sexual chakra.

• Cut cords of energy related to past sexual connections.

• Break vows made in past lives effecting romance this lifetime.

• Explore our sensual sevles and where we have resisitance.

• Get hands-on training to open up our energy fields and play with energy.

• Learn tips to make heads turn your way!

• Put these teachings into action, with going out to a bar—a PRIZE will be given to first three winners! Magnatize, energize your life-force for attracting a new mate.

Many spiritual people carry a "NO VACANCY" sign in their energy field because they mostly use the upper three chakras of their body. The lower chakras can become blocked/shut down, due to lack of use; or from traumas that may have occurred in the past; or just blocked with massive amounts of sexual cords of energy that are attached to every past lover you have had! taking up your "mate space". Activate your sensuality, gain confidence and see yourself differently by the end of our day together. If you are in an existing relationship—Join us to learn how to enliven the connection to yourself and learn to entice your mate, invite passion back into your life, and expand on your sexual relationship. This day is sure to be fun-filled with my humor and blissful way of helping others to grow and heal, while being in sacred space. We will laugh, cry, move, and be moved by others compassion, clarity and clearings.

PLEASE DO NOT PLAN TO BE HOME UNTIL LATE. AFTER THE CLASS, WE WILL PUT OUR TRAINING INTO ACTION WITH HAVING COCKTAILS AND MATE MINGLING FUN! PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED FOR FIRST 3 WINNERS! First drink is on me!, but bring some extra cash for dinner snacks to share. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a white or glass soup bowl, water bottle, pen pad, tissues for yourself, and a nice outfit for going out afterwards.

Space is limited, so please sign-up/pre-pay early. Invite your friends!

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