MAORI MEDICINE WAYS: Raka Sept 2019 $79

MAORI MEDICINE WAYS: Raka Sept 2019 $79
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Maori Healing Ways: Raka, with Olivia Olkowski

September 2019 • 7-10pm • $66
LOCATION: Outdoors in Nature, register to get exact spot.

Learn how to use the "Raka", a healing stick on your body to release and open up blocked energies. This evening we will learn the basics, a hands-on how to apply and work with the Raka for self-care.

The Maori believe that to release trapped energy, emotions, trauma from the body, from the "bone out", allows the body to have freedom and innocence again. This practice can aid healing your DNA, ancestral and detrimental patterns and even loose weight. We will discuss areas of the body and how you can aid relief for your chronic ailments or pain levels.

Great for body workers too, to go deeper into your connection with yourself with these ancient teachings. A great tool to know to work on difficult areas for clients in your practice.

Open to all levels, any traditions, can benefit anyone's health levels.

Raka's will be offer for use in the class.
At the end of the class, If you would like to purchase a set, $16 pine or $22 oak, pease bring cash.

Limited spaces available.

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