Mangano Pink Calcite, Peru Lg Tumble

Mangano Pink Calcite, Peru Lg Tumble
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Mangano Pink Calcite , Peru

Connects us with Divine Love and is a stone of the heart.  Excellent for emotional healing as it can help shift long standing issues and support those with deep grief or trauma. Allows a gently release buried anger or grief and because it fills the heart with love for oneself and for others, it can help prevent passive-aggressive behavior.  Its gentle heart healing mother love energy offers hope and brings comfort to the wounded inner child.  Resonating with universal love this nurturing crystal banishes fear, stress and worry and is perfect to put under the pillow to reduce nightmares. Aids with tissue regeneration and healing after trauma and surgery.  Assists circulation and the distribution of nutrients in the body.

Approximate size: .75"-1.125" tumble stone

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