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Emotionally, Garnets heal by allowing one to let go of obsolete or useless ideas. Assisting to bypass resistance of the self induced unconscious, dissolving ingrained behavior patterns that no longer serve one well.  

Garnet will open up the heart and bestow self confidence, as well as removing inhibitions and taboos to revitalize feelings for a loved one and enhance sexuality.

Garnets, the stone of “Love & Commitment”, is a stone of romantic love and passion as well as inspiring love and devotion.  It is also used to enhance sexuality, sensuality and intimacy. Alleviates depression, stone for successful business ventures. It will assist in building one’s self-confidence, especially if one’s chosen field in in the creative sphere. Brings positive thoughts, boosting energy, overcome writer’s block and general lack of inspiration in any field.

A protective stone shielding one from would be thieves, whether that theft be one’s possessions, financials, ideas, or even credit for work one’s done. Activating, strengthening and fortify the survival instinct, Garnet will help to alleviate any paralyzing fears, bringing courage to what may appear to be a hopeless situation. 

An incredible purifier for the entire body, regenerates blood, heart and lungs, and assists in the assimilation of necessary vitamins and minerals. Stimulates the metabolism and have a strong link to the pituitary glands, improves blood flow.  Alleviates the acute pain of gallstones, stimulates healthy antibody growth against infections, also stimulates fertility.

Size: approximately 1.5" diameter

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