SALT and ICE Workshop, Jan 24, 2020 NYC

SALT and ICE Workshop, Jan 24, 2020 NYC
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Date: Jan, 24, 2020 • 7-10pm • Energy Exchange: $88.  Early Registration by Dec 15: $66 

NEW ADDRESS: Balance Arts Center, 151 West 30 Street, 3 floor, 6-7 Ave's

Please sign-up early to receive an informational note that will be sent out the week of the event to prepare for the class.

Start the new season with a clean slate by attending this powerful workshop. Through traditional shamanic practice and teachings, experience the deep melting of the crystal structure of your soul, and realign your DNA frequency to build the capacity to be able to hold the energies entering our cosmos.  With this connection and flow, healing will be allowed to shift easily into your energetic bodies. Discover the grains of truth embedded into your soul body's programming and rectify any karma brought into this lifetime.

With shamanic teachings you will work with guides, angels and spirit beings, to reveal the truth of your divine power to obtain self-healing of your emotional body, physical body, mental body, and especially the karmic body with this in-depth workshop, to bring a shift and restructure of your own unique crystalline grid. Open to all levels and practices. No previous experience needed.

Limited space available, please RSVP. 

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