SPIRIT DRUM, 15 inch DEER HIDE Drum with beater

Deer Hide drum medicine spirit
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SPIRIT DRUM, 15 inch DEER HIDE Drum, with beater, $265.00. This is a one-of-a-kind, THIS ITEM IS SOLD. This listing is an example of one that can be made custom for you. Each Drum is made with Spirit and Olivia. Painted with Power Animal $495. To further yourself on your spiritual and shamanic journey, a SPIRIT DRUM is powerful medicine for both working on yourself and groups or private clients, to help heal wounds and issues that block us in life. To be a medicine tool carrier, there are important things to respect and know in how to care for this sacred object. As Olivia created these SPIRIT DRUMS, she evokes the spirit of the animal and tree, to reside within the drum. They will become your teachers and guide you to unlock mysteries within yourself, and for those you may work with in group. A handout will be provided with purchase on care for your own SPIRIT DRUM. Aho! DEER MEDICINE: When we are working on the natural laws of circulation -- the circulatory system, the Heart -- then Deer is our Medicine. Many of us are taught to figure life out, and live in our heads with little attention to our hearts. We suffer from "poverty consciousness", the belief that there is just not enough time, money or love to go around. Deer opens the heart chakra, teaching us to trust and to empower the feminine quality of love and wisdom. Drumming with Deer reminds us that we live in an abundant universe with more than enough of everything. Deer helps us learn the laws of circulation -- when we feel unloved, it is time to love others and feel that love returned many fold.

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