Shell Jasper Sphere 2.5'

Shell Jasper Sphere 2.5'
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Shell Jasper - Stone of Serenity

A crystal of protection, bringing serenity, balance and relaxation. A Root Chakra it brings this protection, by driving away negativity, rejuvenating and strengthening your aura and personal energy, stabilizing it, for astral travel. It helps with contentment, and serenity. Strengthens the body, Protects your energy, Helps calm your energy, Overcomes fear, Dissolves depression, Reduces anxiety, Detoxifier. Brings Balance, Protection, Healing.

Also, called Shell Marble or Sea Shell Marble, it is actually a marble and not a true “Jasper”. It is a stone of pure nurturer as it has a very calm vibrational feel to it. Shell Jasper is a stone of relaxation and rejuvenation and will helps calm your anxieties. It’s a strong balancing stone and will help ground and protect you from negative energy sources. Shell Jasper refreshes your mind and spirit and helps bring a sense of calmness to your environment. It Instills pride and helps to remove past life programming. Shell Jasper stimulates spiritual energy and helps you produce a new way of thinking.

You will receive one similar shown, selected for you. 

Approximately 2 .3" sphere

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