Space Clearing RENEWAL Sacred Resin and Herbal Mix

Space Clearing RENEWAL Sacred Resin and Herbal Mix
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Start the New Year, with new energy. My sacred resins and herbal mix for clearing your personal space, items and people. Blended by "my hand" and infused with blessing and prayers for the spirits it may encounter. and lead them to a place of peace. The ingredients both remove dense energies while also bringing in the higher angelic frequencies, allowing your space to become clear and in balance. Note, a very small amount is to be used at one time, use only three pinches on a lit charcoal. Does create bellowing smoke, open a window if necessary. Instructions on how to space clear are included. Do not leave burning incense unattended. Please keep fire away from children and pets. Use with my brass burner and charcoal brickettes. Ingredients:

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