THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE, 3-month series $150, a la carte $66

THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE, 3-month series $150, a la carte $66
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The Elementals of Nature

Sunday, June 12 • 12-4pm

Sunday July 17 • 3-7pm

Sunday Aug 7 • 3-7pm

Mini hands-on workshop working directly with Nature for those new to shamanism, or those wanting to reconnect your energies again to the Spirit world in a deeper way in sacred circle. 

Explore the seen and unseen worlds of the Elementals- Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Nature Beings. Redefine you place within Nature and broaden your connection and understanding to the different realms, fining answers, strength and healing.

June 12, Session 1 - The Standing Ones, Tree Spirits Talk

July 17, Session 2 - Ancient Ones of the Earth, Meeting the Wisdom Keepers

Aug 7, Session 3 - Water & Air - Carving out a new Path

Open to all levels and traditions. Limited space available.


$150 All 3 classes

$66 one class, a la carte class

Bring something to lay upon the earth, eye cover/bandana, a notepad/pen, water bottle, light snacks to share for our break.

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