The Twins- Shamans Seguro Creating Protection Fri, Oct 6, 7-10pm

The Twins- Shamans Seguro Creating Protection Fri, Oct 6, 7-10pm
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The "Shaman's Seguro" Creating Protection 
Fri, Oct 6 •  7-10pm • $150/Early Reg by Sept 1, $95

Learning from master healers Ysabel and Olinda about creating a protection tool called the "Shaman's Seguro". 
The Seguro is a protection that absorbs “mal” energies which may be sent to a healer/shaman during sessions, ceremony, or daily life. It will protect one from harsh energies which might be intentionally or subconsciously sent to you from others.
The Seguro is created with herbs, flowers, and special plants collected from sacred lakes/lagoons "Las Guaringas”, healing lakes in Peru. They will be sharing their deep knowledge of over 35 years working in the Northern Peru Mesada Healing Tradition. You will learn to make, hands-on, your own protection which can be carried with you, and you will be able to create for loved ones/clients in the future. You will be able to work with this healing tool, to clear away when something happens, or when one might feel stuck in a certain energy.
As we create our power of protection, shifts and changes will happen within you/us/the room, a powerful true healing.
For this workshop, please bring a small photo of yourself (1"x2" max) to use within this magical creation. 
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