The Watchful Eye - Solar Eclipse Shamanic Shadow Workshop

The Watchful Eye - Solar Eclipse Shamanic Shadow Workshop
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The Watchful Eye - Solar Eclipse Shamanic Shadow Workshop
August 16, 2017   6:30-9:30pm    Cost: $88/Early Reg Prepay by Aug 9, $69

Location: Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28th Street, 3 fl.

Starting a few weeks ago, I have felt the strong energies of "The Great American (Solar) Eclipse" happening on August 21.

I have seen with myself and my private client sessions the "Shadow" area popping-up to the surface for everyone. With this special eclipse's energy (which happened 99 years ago here in the states), it is a time where we cannot ignore our issues any longer.

This powerful solar eclipse will have the moon pass between the Sun and the Earth,  blocking sunlight to the Earth. Nocturnal animals will come out during this time, from the shadow world, into the daytime.

This eclipse time is super special, with the Sun, element of fire, being in Leo also adds another fire element to the mix along with Mars (fire) in action during the eclipse time. Triple Fire energies in play to transmute all of our shadows.

NYC will have a 70 percent coverage of the solar eclipse, and the lighting and feeling will be an oddity, noticed even in this chaotic city. Down south on the east coast, will have 100 percent coverage of the sun and most of the USA will see the effect (See the an arch of the eclipse and coverage).

Eclipses through ancient times, have been noticed to be a strong powerful time for change. A time that brings up our fears, issues, doubts, ancestral patterns and junk attached to us, things that prevent happiness and contentment in our lives. It's the subconscious mind's time to come to the conscious mind, a time to show us "gifts" that we carry, where the watchful eye in the sky allows us to reflect deeply.

In this evening workshop, we will have time to explore deeply our issues. The Eclipse's energy on Aug 21, will give each of you a bit of time to reconcile with deep wounds of your soul, once we figure out where they came from, and how to wrangle the new information.

It's a great time to face and fight your patterns that keep happening in life, or to unblock energies from old wounds.

Everyone speaks about the "ascension process" and now it is your time to actually work on something to clear the past. to prepare your Spirit and shed layers of hurt, baggage, wounds, blockages, doubts, and to find your way to live in integrity for your Soul.


Bring a note pad pen, bandana, water bottle, comfy clothes to lay upon the floor.

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