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1-Day Workshop  

Unraveling the Sexual Cocoon

with Olivia Olkowski

Sunday, February 16th • 2:30-8:30pm

In this particular Mayan lineage, there are 144 dimensions of reality—where magic and healing can manifest.

Shamanic healer and teacher Olivia Olkowski, will guide you through a profound healing and learning experience, as we journey together through the dimensions to unravel the mysteries we have kept deep inside our being.

Reveal the potential that has been hiding from ourselves and others, by clearing our energetic bodies of trapped and hidden pockets of energy clogging our sexual centers.

Our energetic fields record our life experiences— every broken heart, nasty word and argument, sexual abuse traumas and emotions which carry grief, sadness, anger, hatred, etc. All carried as hidden baggage, but felt energetically from potential mates.

Our self-esteem takes a hit each time we encounter love-loss, we will each internally review our parents relationship of which defines how we approach or embrace love.

Sometimes we get stuck or wounded from our true essence and life-force frequency, where soul-loss can occur. This blockage of energies can obscure from people "seeing you”.

Whether you have experienced a broken heart, traumas of abuse, shame, guilt surrounding your sexuality—our sexual and sensual nature can shut-down. Join us in this deep but fun, hands-on exploring and unraveling our workshop.

During this intensive healing, training and experience, you will learn how to:

• Cleanse past relationships from this life and past life-times

• Release the burden of energy carried in your luminous bodies

• Work within sacred geometrical fields of energy to remove and cut cords of energy binding you

• Empower your self-worth and access your souls sexual power

• Tap into the energy of the "Flowering Sun"

• Revive your soul essence

• Experience the Mayan healing dimensions

• Turn-off your "invisibility" shield, so a mate can find you

• Discover and clear past-life karma brought into this lifetime

• Reweave a new pattern of sexuality/sensuality into your being

• WARNING: Be ripe to become pregnant! an added bonus! 

Who should attend?

Everyone! • Those who have not had a full-time positive relationship in over 3 years time • Anyone feeling stuck in a bad relationship • Anyone who may feel depressed, ungrounded, have anxiety, in a “funk”, or lack joy in life • Shamanic practiicitioners/healer wanting to offer this energy work to help their clients • Those wanting to open their heart, and rebalance your sexual/sensual energy • Learn to love yourself more fully 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have experienced sexual traumas, please know that you will not have to relive the experiences, this work rebalances your energy field to allow those frequencies and emotions to fall away.

INVESTMENT: $250/Early Registration by JAN 20th, $190

Limited spaces available. Midtown NYC location.

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